Professional Planning Assistance - Listening, sharing ideas and working together with no obligation or design cost.

Grower-Direct Benefits - Personally growing on over 1800 acres, offering a large selection of plants grown for our northern climate.

Customer-Direct Delivery - McKay brings your order directly from their nursery to you, within hours of being prepared for delivery.

Installation Options - Save up to 50% by doing the planting yourself. Simply follow the professional design and planting DVD. Together we can share the effort by splitting tasks or just contract with us to do the work.

Completely Guaranteed Results- A full one-year, 100% guarantee insures success, even when you do your own planting!

Richard Manning
Landscape Architect & Owner
Certified McKay Nursery Representative

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Rm Landscape Solutions, Inc.
design - outdoor makeovers - patios - pavers - walls - water features - installation
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Any great landscape needs a solid plan, stand-out installation & service and quality plant material. This is why I have partnered with McKay Nursery Company for over 20 years offering: